April 15, 2016

Episode 23: The Pinnies are Coming! The Pinnies are Coming!

PAXEAST is right around the corner, so we have a MASSIVE episode this time that has everything you'll need to take on any pin-deavor next week!

(timestamps included for reference)

PART 1: (Episode Start) Our main cast get together to discuss all the pins offered at 'EAST next week and general tips and tricks for tackling a large list like this

PART 2: (1h 21m 52s) In a new and possibly recurring segment to the Podcast, Pureval interviews community members to get to know them. First up to the firing line? One of our newest and youngest members, dontdowdit!

PART 3: (1h 40m 27s) Pedroasani gathers some community members that might not be going to PAX and asks them how they quell the Brain Squirrels when they rely on other means to get their hands on pins.

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